Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"Under the Moonlit Elm", diptych 48"H x 72"W, oilstick on canvas
Love. Loving. Loved.
Pain. Parting.
Love. Loving. Loved.

"I paint what I cannot photograph. In painting, my spirit and passion are unbridled, free yet safe to range through extremes, driven by experience, imagination and accidents. Each painting begins with doodles radiating from the center, emerging from streams of my consciousness. Each is unpremeditated, always different yet consistent progressions of color exchanges, proportions and textures. I study each work from all sides, continuing to layer on color until one subject dominates. That’s when the joy of discovery elates me, and the thrill of challenge begins."
Patricia Obletz, from Buffalo, Manhattan, Chicago, now Milwaukee, is a critically acclaimed artist who studied Fashion Illustration at Parsons School of Design for a year and for four more years, life drawing and painting at the Art Students League. She is an activist for art and mental health and was staff writer for Seventeen, Modern Bride and copy supervisor at Helene Curtis. She won a grant to found Mental Health World quarterly journal in 1992. Six years later, she was awarded a grant to organize “Heart and Spirit Matter,” a fine art show at a professional gallery which featured panels of mental health experts and artists on topics such as what helps and what hinders mental health, the politics of mental health, love and suicide, mental health and the Arts followed by interactive workshops on every Saturday of the month. She volunteers her art programs at schools, community centers, hospitals, friends’ and neighbors’. Her mental health awareness campaign for 2007 is a bus tail display on 50 buses in Chicago and Milwaukee, August through October. Her drawings and paintings hang in public and private collections and are exhibited at juried shows in galleries and museums in Canada, Western New York, New York City, and Madison, Milwaukee, Wasau and West Bend in Wisconsin.

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