Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"Crkus Gkus", diptych 18"H x 42"W, mixed media on canvas
Crkus Grkus” is about relationships layered from the ground up-an ant farm like emotional circus chock full of people, some are looking out as if interacting with the viewer, some are swimming in space, eyes wandering, possibly looking for an answer. Some are playing with each other, flirting, dazzling, poking and balancing each other with mood, color, each having there own patterned style. ~ A patina like wash covers the entire painted and drawn surface giving a mood of days gone by yet frozen in time, in this small amount of space so much disconnection and carrying out, I fit it all together to create a display of personae. Unlike my portraiture, these are bodies in motion, echoing the drawings of my earlier work.
Anne Grgich is one of the most original and innovative of the group of American artists known as "Outsiders". Completely self-taught, her work was the cover story of Raw Vision Magazine in 2004. She became known for her impassioned, expressionistic faces and figures. Grgich often employs collage and vigorously applies layer after layer of over-painting, covering found texts and images, yet allowing some of the under layers to remain visible. This lends mystery and mystique to her exotic characters. Her work is in several large collections and she has been profiled in numerous publications and is represented in galleries and museums throughout the United States and in Europe.

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