Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"Nocturnal Foray", 24"H x 30"W, acrylic on canvas
"The job of the artist is to make a lasting impression on those who view the work at hand and cause the viewer to think and remember the work. For me to do work in art gives me total control over part of my world. I try to do each piece to achieve harmony and balance between the colors and the forms and shapes. To give the viewer something to ponder about what is being shown, give new life to old ideas. Cause ideas to be accepted. Why does my art work look different than everybody else? The reason why is because my mind sees everything different than everybody else. It is wired differently because 1 am Dyslexic. My view of color, shape and form is a retrospective view of how I perceive the world."
David Klein was born in West Bend, WI on November 13, 1950. After graduating from West Bend High School, he started working full time at the West Bend Company and is a member of their 25-year club. In 1989 he started taking classes at the University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac. In 1990 he took an art appreciation course instructed by William P. Griffiths. After the end of the course he asked Professor Griffiths if he could take a 3-D design class and Professor Griffiths said "no problem" and has been saying "no problem" ever since. In 1992, David took a 2-D design course under the instruction of Jeanne Eberlein-Burmeister. Over the following years he has received encouragement and constructive support from Professor Griffiths. William P. Griffiths was the first person to believe that David had artistic talent. David has exhibited his work at The People's Gallery in DePere, WI , at national museums and galleries, as well as at several galleries on the University of Wisconsin campuses. He may be contacted at demarcationartstudio@hotmail.com.

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