Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"Looking at Life From Both Sides", 64"H x56"W, fabric quilt
" 'Looking at Life from Both Sides' speaks to the paradoxes in human existence. The images in the quilt are both homogeneous in structure and heterogeneous in color at the same time. Such connections are common in everyday life, e.g., love-hate relationships. The quilt suggests that surely there are varied ways of looking at every issue--at least two, maybe three, perhaps four or more! In life and love, we must seek alternative views, multiple perspective and always imagine "what if"."
Sharon Kerry-Harlan is an artist and educator who works in multiple mediums including found object collage, photography and quilting. She has exhibited her work widely, including the national touring exhibition "Spirits of the Cloth: Contemporary Quilts by African American Artists" whose venues included the Smithsonian/Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. and the American Craft Museum in New York, NY.

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Lori said...

Can you please tell me how I can reach Sharon Kerry Harlan?
Lori Bauman
RedLine Milwaukee