Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"I kind of like people to get their own ideas from the work. Some of it is obvious and people make up their own stories about it, which I don’t mind at all. It is a mixture of imagination and experience. I just like painting. I look at photos. Some of the imagery is from faces that I have seen and from people that I have known. I use to run a bar in Taiwan, Catch 22 –back alleys and nightlife have always intrigued me - the stuff that conversations are made of -- and the conversationalists. They are the masters of singular unusual talents or the jugglers of a menagerie of seemingly opposite arts. They have memorable quirky personalities or oddly normal ones for the breadth of their pursuits. In short, they are people you should know."
Eli Rosenblatt was born and raised in Milwaukee, where he was exposed to art through his parents, Adolph and Suzanne - both artists. He and his siblings created art in his dad’s studio often. One of his first jobs was working as a dishwasher at William Ho’s. In his 20s, he lived in China and Taiwan, learning the language and the culture, as he taught English. He married a Chinese woman from Taiwan. Although he now operates Artasia, an upscale Asian import gallery in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, he once opened a bar in Taiwan, which influenced the theme and character of his drawing and painting. Having exhibited mainly in Milwaukee at different venues with his family, the Rosenblatts now exhibit in their family gallery located over Artasia. After a ten-year hiatus from painting following his adjustment to his import business and his growing family including four children, he is finally painting again.

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