Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"Three Ladies in their Eighties", 11"H x 8"W, pen and ink word drawings on paper
"The time was the early 90's, the place was the Oakland Cafe, and the snoop, well, I was the snoop. I sat as close as possible to Prudence, Gladys, and Madge, and took dictation. They never seemed to notice that I was drawing wordrawings of them, never knew I used their conversations to form their faces. I went there everyday to write and they went to chat. Prudence and Gladys particularly liked to chat when Madge wasn’t there, because they could talk about her. "
Suzanne Rosenblatt, born in New Jersey in 1937, writes travel journals, performs ecological performance poetry, draws wordrawings along, in cafes, Lake Michigan and in Central Park, paints sunrises on the beach, does tai chi and yoga, bikes on a single speed, gardens organically, dances to Paul Cebar and One Drum, hangs out with family, and does whatever she can to make the world a better place. She has been a member of the Earth Poets and Musicians since its inception; this year will mark their 20th anniversary. Her books include Everyone Is Going Somewhere (MacMillan), Memorandance (Marcel Dekker) and Shorelines (Gallery of Wisconsin Art). She illustrated her daughter Sarah's books On the Waterbed They Sank to Their Own Levels and One Season Behind (Carnegie Mellon University Press).

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