Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"New Beginnings", collage with found objects "The art of collage can be approached with the same challenges as in relationships. There are many parallels that are very similar in determining, for all intended purposes, what the final outcome should be. There will always be the question of where do you draw the line and should that line be crossed. This is similar to the stage of collage or the actual process, where you cut out, tear, burn or use any of the unique imaginative collage techniques that can be combined together. In collage, I can contain the lyrical expressions that for the most part magnify what is to be or not to be. The art work that I have chosen for this exhibition titled, “An Act of Faith/New Beginnings” reflect the inner metaphorical abstract ideas of relationships. Time and space is of the essence. The innocence of intimacy is protected with the symbolic placement of the keys, Lady Luck and other found objects."
Born in 1953, in Milwaukee, WI, Patrick Turner has been working in the medium of collage for the past 30 years. He received a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1975. He has crafted his unique ability to cut out and glue manipulated images that reflect remains and associations of everyday thoughts and vision past and present. The process of the magnificent mind is a source of inspiration. The many doors of opportunity wait to be opened. What can be discovered is infinite. The various combinations of constructing collages reflect how ideas are born and manifested in the stages needed to form a reality. Turner has received numerous awards from prestigious juried art fairs around the country. The list of collectors both private and corporate continue to grow. His works can be seen at Kibbi's Gallery in Columbus, OH and Peltz Gallery in Milwaukee, WI.


tracer said...

Patrick UCRA Turner-
We MISS you.

kilnmaster said...

we sure do

kilnmaster said...

we sure do!!!!