Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"Migration Blues", installation image (1 of 25), 12"H x 12"W x 3"D, serigraph on canvas

"A central fixture in my work has always been social injustice. The relationship between the broader colonial-based powers in American society and those it seeks to oppress has fueled emotions, started revolutions and shaped the fabric of society, re-inventing and recreating our civilization. This work addresses poverty, de-genderfication, institutionalized racism and the intricacies of a class system based on ethnicity. "
A native of Jackson, MS, Felandus Thames has studied nationwide and earned a BFA in Painting and Design from Jackson State University. His imagery incorporates personal experiences and the historical consciousness of America. “Missing”, Thames’ solo exhibition at the Smith Robertson Museum, garnered accolades for its powerful content. He has been recognized as an actively contributing member of the artistic community in Jackson and received numerous commissions including the Medgar Evers Institute, Jackson Medical Mall Foundation, the City of Jackson and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The Mississippi Arts Commission has also awarded Thames a Mini Grant and an Individual Artist Fellowship. As an instructor in cultural diversity through the arts, Thames has vigorously proceeded with his efforts in the forward thrust of art and his undying mission to cultivate young artists in his city and enrich the lives of all those around him.

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