Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ZEPH FARMBY, Milwaukee, WI

"What Women Want", 2'H x 4'W, oil on canvas
"My artwork is the album to my life; every piece as individual songs linked together playing the soundtrack of my lifestyle! ~ I show an assortment of things that relate to my lifestyle, from everyday struggles and things that I enjoy. My art reveals life - being metaphoric showing subjects reflecting Hip-Hop and how I grew up. ~ My art expression is similar to graffiti art; showing different, but rather unique angles, exaggerations of objects and the human figure expressing my perspective more clearly. ~ My goal as an artist is to earn a place in art history for future generations and have my artwork displayed in historic buildings. My hope is that my art will continue to serve as vocal cords to those who feel misunderstood. ~ I am inspired by music and the city essence of the Southside of Chicago. My stamp of legacy left behind showing my appreciation of the skill."
Zeph Farmby has been creating unique pieces of art as far back as he can remember. Early works of his graffiti style continue to show up in newer pieces. After attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL, Zeph continued to perfect his skill through teaching and coaching younger artists in Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. today, Seph's art serves as the foundation of major clothing lines such as 2 Much Game Sports Wear, Original AFRO Wear, PHLI and Sneaker Fiend. I AMAZE EYEZ is solely owned by Zeph and provides an umbrella for his various arms of talent.

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