Tuesday, January 8, 2008

CHRYS CARROLL, Minneapolis, MN

"Mother and Child", b/w photograph, 20"H x 24"W
"As a photographer when I turn a conscious eye on the world, mundane moments gain the clarity and beauty of a fresh perspective. The ordinariness of a half lit face yawning, the tender curve of fingers around a pregnant belly or a man sleeping, become provocative renderings of heartfelt subject matter. Community, diversity, family and self-exploration are just some of the themes I have explored. Through pure documentation of the everyday and staged expressions of a disquieted state of mind; I have revealed much of myself, while also turning the mirror on the viewer. In “BlackMale,” a 1999 Photography/video installation, I’ve used photography to shine a light on men that prevented me from being forgotten. The camera’s been there to give me perspective while in the midst of a depression recorded in a 2000 Journal entry. I used it to get through a difficult pregnancy and an even crueler death as reflected in “Remain,” a 2004 photography/video installation. I use photography because words aren’t enough. It is a tool to show a particular reality, which does not exist. Each one’s reality being colored by their particular experience and therefore all interpretation is skewed. None-the-less, I take pictures to remember. I take pictures to be remembered."
Chrys Carroll was born and raised in Minneapolis. She briefly lived in DC attending Howard University and then in Milwaukee. She returned to the twin cities in 2007 and resides with her husband and son. Carroll has held several residencies, given lectures, received grants, worked with many photographers. She ran the art education program at Franklin Art Works Gallery, and has shown extensively in Minneapolis, Wisconsin and Washington DC. Carroll also founded Women of Color Artist Gathering, which allowed artists the opportunity to conduct workshops, exhibit and perform works.

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